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Experience award-winning coffee/espresso with an in-house bakery.
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Blueberry muffin and latte at Cold Smoke coffeehouse in Bozeman, MT

About us

We know what it feels like to...

...crave an exceptional cup of coffee in a welcoming environment but not be able to find a cafe that satisfies.

If you’re like us, you’ve tried many cafes in Bozeman that are crowded, noisy, and serve burnt coffee. You’ve likely wondered if there was a cafe in town that shared your simple desire and could provide the space.

At Cold Smoke, we get it.

We, too, have yearned for the best coffee and environment for our community, which is why we went into business. For the past 12 years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people just like you overcome mediocre coffee and experience what a first-class environment ought to be.

Our Passion is Coffee & Community

Cold Smoke was founded by Caleb and Laura Walker. Caleb grew up in Montana as a Montana native and spent around 10 years in the ministry world prior to him and Laura opening Cold Smoke. He was educated through Montana Bible College and has a variety of master-level courses completed in theology and transformational leadership. In 2010 when the Walkers lived in Portland Oregon, Caleb fell in love with the specialty coffee scene. This is where Caleb combined his love for people and his love for coffee into one vision, and thus Cold Smoke was born. Cold Smoke exists to serve people not only on the contextual level but on the human level. Actually seeing and serving people for who they are matters. Caleb eventually attended coffee trade and roasting school through Belissimo Coffee Advisors and has won over 45 National Coffee Roastings Awards. He was the Bozeman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 and Cold Smoke has been voted the best cafe in Bozeman since 2015.

We are committed to helping local coffee lovers like you enjoy the best coffee from around the world in a locally owned cafe with in-house bakers so you can maximize your downtime, fuel your study time, or hit the remote work-life in style. Simply choose one of our locations to dine in or breeze through the drive-thru. Once you experience the Cold Smoke difference, we expect your search will be over.

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