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Cold Smoke Conference Rooms' Booking Policies and Procedures:

Phone number for Stoneridge @ West Oak and 19th: 406-404-1471

Phone number for Woodland Park @ Huffine: 406-624-0243

  1. To book a reservation, please visit

  1. All reservations are limited to a 4-hour block unless an agreement has been made directly by the owner or general manager for a longer time.

  1. We book the conference room for groups of 3 or larger only. If you are trying to book this room for a solo ZOOM call or only have a party of 2, please find a table in the lobby.
    • Stoneridge (Oak and 19th) has a maximum capacity of 14 people;
    • Woodland Park at Huffine has a maximum capacity of 25 people.

  1. Conference room bookings are only scheduled up to 90 days in advance, it is your responsibility to revisit our website to make additional bookings if we are outside of this timeslot. Our online booking system allows you to reschedule and/or cancel bookings. Simply click the respective links in the email confirmation you receive.

  1. Conference room space is ALWAYS FREE. Due to this, we have a large number of requests for folks to use the room. We ask that you vacate the room promptly to make space for other groups when your reservation is over.

  1. Due to health code laws, outside food or beverages of any kind are prohibited, including alcohol. All food or beverage must be purchased through Cold Smoke. If you want food or coffee catered for your time, please let us know, and the owner will be in touch with you about your request.

  1. Coffee carafes can be provided to you for $22. Carafes hold 1 gallon of coffee and serve roughly 12 people. You may order carafes ahead of your event or the day of, but please be aware it takes us 10-15 minutes to brew a single carafe.

  1. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your reservation, we reserve the right to give away the booking to the next party at our discretion.

  1. Cold Smoke reserves the right to cancel any reservation for any reason at our own discretion. You will be notified if your reservation is canceled.

  1. If you have special circumstances, please call us so that we can help facilitate your needs.
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